In 2011, the Bauges Regional Nature Park became a GEOPARK, a recognised label supported by UNESCO. It was the third French Geopark after the luberon Geopark and the Geolocial Reserve of Haute Provence. In total, more than 38 Geoparks are to discover in Europe, 90 in the word...

The Geopark label recognizes territoiries with sites of particular importance in terms of their scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal or educational value. The Bauges Geopark has a variety of gological sites which give to the park many assets to be a sustainable geotourism destination.

Whith more than 54 geosites, the Bauges is well-knowm for the atypical relief introducing perched syncline, which is an emblematic element of the geological formation. Other sites like the nique karstic network of the territory or the spectacular "Pont du Diable" canyon make the Geopark a must-see in Savoie.l


Few Geosites to discover around the accomodation Gite la Biolette ( et de sa Géo-Bibliothèque !) :


Geological strctures :

* The syncline of Mariet (inverted relief): Arith : 11km

* Taillefer geotrail : Duingt/Entrevernes : 15 km

* "Pont du Diable" Canyon : Bellecombe : 4km

* The Peri-alpine molassic line (overview 360) : Leschaux / Allèves / Gruffy : 11km



Karst :

* "Trou des Casses " classic cave: Prérouge - Arith 11km

* Fitoja's chamber:. Huge cave with fitulas ( accessible only to professionals) : Arith 11km

* "Banges/ L’eau morte system". Karts system : Allèves 11km


Water :

* "The Mariet Pond. Karstic filling :: Arith 11km

* Chéran chaos geotrail : Gruffy/Cusy : 15km

* Chéran Canyon to the "Pont de l’abime": Cusy : 15km


Gravity movements :

* "Nant des Ganges, les Garins" mudflow. Historic event : Le Chatelard : 12 km


* Tours Saint Jacquescliff-downsliding : Allèves : 11km